Video Samples

Award Winning

Effie Award Winner

This series won a 2018 Effie Award. The folks at Push Music & Post along with Partners and Napier show again why they’re award winners. Let’s work together on your award-winning campaign. Contact me today.

Yeah... award here, too.

It’s rare to win 2 in the same year

This series also won an Effie Award. The folks at Push Music & Post along with Partners and Napier show again why they’re award winners.


Wonder Bread

Sandwich Anyone

The creative and talented folks at Mat Hat Creative crammed so much beauty into 15 Seconds on this one. Honored to be a part of this masterpiece.

Got Buns?

Cookout Anyone?

I actually got hungry for Hamburgers when I was recording this with the great folks at Mat Hat Creative. Their spec voice for these two was a mixture of two iconic voices. You’ll never guess who… but I’ll tell you if you contact me.

Geeking Out.


Confession time, I almost failed physics in college. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love the class. I just struggled with the math. I really did get the concepts – which is perfect for narrating highly technical material like this from 2018. Without seeing the pictures or even the equations in this project, I really understood what I was narrating – just don’t ask me to build you a bridge.

How It's Made Style

TV Style Explainer

The style of the popular show, “How It’s Made” was what the client wanted on this. The client was thrilled to have a voice so close to the type heard on the show and the project came together in one take! Let’s work together to make your project great! Click above to get in touch!

Family Friendly Movie Trailer

For fun and excitement, contact Dan for a great family-friendly movie trailer read.

Video Game Trailer

Attention Game Players

This game has been downloaded more than 10 MILLION times. Grab me now for your game trailer voice!

Another fun one

Laugh out Loud

This one had the whole crew laughing when we worked together with Push Music & Post on a SourceConnect session. So much fun.

Dan Harder Voiceover

It Matters

“My neighbor has a great voice. I’ll have him record it.”

I’m sure your neighbor has a great voice, but there’s more to voiceover than having a great voice. In fact, you’ve heard it. On “cringe-worthy” radio and TV commercials that have you racing for the volume control as soon as you hear it.

Hire a professional voice. Get professional results.