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Dan Harder

Voice Actor and Narrator

Getting a great voice for your project shouldn't be a hassle and add unnecessary steps and time to your process. When you work directly with me, I'll save you time and money because there's no middleman and no hidden fees like when you work voice casting sites that limit communication and skim off the top... while getting in the way of your project deadlines.

You'll be able to communicate directly with me, listen to the recording process if you like, and get your project moving!

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The Aviators

An animated depiction of World War I - A pigeon and his friends spring into action

Nine Lives of Christmas

As the Christmas holiday draws near, a veterinary student (Kimberly Sustad) and a stray cat challenge a fireman's (Brandon Routh) commitment to life as a bachelor.

Game Trailer Royal Revolt 2 - Official Trailer

Wildly Popular game
Over 10 MILLION installations

Top Cat Begins

Discover how the charming "Top Cat" Got his start


Highmark Long Distance

Consumers are loyal to their state

There are better ways to remember

This was one of several fun spots for Medicare recipients to learn to ask the right questions

Wonder Buns

Helping make America's cookouts Wonder-ful


Engineering Lecture

A fascinating narration that discusses design criteria for a truss bridge.

How It's Made Style

Many people trust STABIL to keep their small engines healthy during periods of non-use. Here's how STABIL is made.

Plain Voiceover to Full Production

Let me help you with anything from unproduced “dry” voiceover to full audio production of radio commercials.

Voice Acting

Sometimes to get the effect, it works best to cup your hand, pull away from the mic, and yell. 

Live Direction... or not.

You know what you want… Why not direct me while I perform? Via Phone, Skype, or Source Connect, you can hear exactly what’s being recorded and direct me to perfection.


Dan Harder

As a young child, I loved to talk. I was involved in drama at Church from as early as first grade, and memorized an entire show as I silently whispered every other actor's lines.
In school, I once got caught talking in gym class and the PE teacher put the sole of his shoe on my lips to shut me up. (I can still remember the feel of the fine grit from the bottom of his shoe on my lips.)
After public school, I graduated with honors from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. I then went on to get a BS in Music Engineering from the University of Colorado, Denver Campus. I've been married to Amy since 1999, (I definitely got the better deal on this) and we have 2 "kids" (really adults) who make us proud. I've worked 30+ years as a broadcast engineer and fixed everything from microphone to antenna in FM and AM Radio.
I love working with my hands and building things, I dabble in Ham Radio (KCOGNA), and I'm active playing keys, singing, and operating the sound board at church.
We live in a 40 acre wood south west of Denver, Colorado and in my spare time work on home repair and modification, forest fire mitigation and raise turkeys, and chickens for eggs and meat...

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